The behaviour of some children at Mass is out of control

The behaviour of some children at Mass is out of control

I’m not suggesting we don’t bring our children to Mass but what I am saying is why are some children allowed to run up and down the aisles during Mass. Why are they allowed to run around the santuary after Mass or for that matter running all over the church yelling and screaming after Mass while their parents socialize with others. These are children who are generally not in school yet who really don’t know better. The blame for this behaviour is totally that of the parents and the Priest who allow it to go on.

Don’t start this c*** again – while there ought to be rules in place concerning modesty – both for women and men – get over the c*** about jeans, sandals, or even t-shirts. Dressed up or dressed down – just be modest. Tell some derelict just out of a trunk near some border crossing not to show up to Mass until he has hard shoes and dress pants on. Or tell some old guy without an income save for social security, no health insurance, living off the kindness of friends that wrinkled khakis and a rumpled worn shirt doesn’t cut it for Mass. Some people are embarrassed enough to only have the clothes they have to wear to church.

Terry, Let’s all agree that poverty is an exemption. However, your strident tone riddled with profanities I had to edit out tells me that there is more to your remark than this simple exemption. It is not wrong to speak to one another and ask for reflection on how we dress. THis blog is addressed to the average person of average means and simply asks us to reflect on what is appropriate given the our destination and purpose. This is not C*** as you say. It is a valid and necessary reflection.

Yes, life has become more casual. I grew up in the 70’s-80’s when attire was more casual. When it comes to Mass attire, no matter what generation we are in, we have to use common sense, especially females. When I was growing up, my mom would not allow us to wear sundresses and/or spaghetti straps. hard to believe all the skin and cleveage you see in church today.

I don’t think it’s the type of clothing worn (jeans vs slacks vs dresses, ties vs T-shirts etc) Any type of clothing can be immodest or modest, disrespectful or respectful

I completely agree with you on this! Especially here in Los Angeles, the dress code is out the window. I’ve been just as guility as the others on a number of times as shown in my own blog entry on the topic. Thought I would share!

I couldn’t help smile as the two men smiled at each other after she left and one of the men shook his hand like “mama mia – what was that!

At Mass this morning the priest commented that with summer here appropriate modest clothing needs to be worn. Visitors ple.He also made similiar comments in a letter sent to parishioners. Some priests are speaking out!! Yeah! And didn’t Mother Theresa wear sandals? I remember well awaiting the Pope’s arrival in front of Mary Major church in Rome when a cute, well dressed young woman in suit jacket skirt, wiled her way in front of Vatican security men to cross the street. Well-dressed but not one bit modest, This woman caught their eye. ” It was a classic example of the beauty of womanhood at work. And also stressed in my heart just how important modesty is no matter how well dressed you are.

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