Planned activities

Planned activities


Above you can find information about valuable Gastroenterology events we recommend to visit! Keep up with the updates! 

Also we are planning to organize different Gastroenterology related events by ourselves:

  1. Guidelines seminars and meeting with an expert – 2 times per year, planned to be organized in 3 parts: 
  • Reading the guidelines at home, marking the unclear questions;
  • Meeting among other young Gastroenterology colleagues, discussing unclear topics, preparing questions for the expert;
  • Meeting with an expert – experienced doctor/professor in gastroenterology field who could share knowledge from their personal experience, explain and answer the unclear questions.
  1. Gastroenterology center visits –2 times per year. We are planning to visit different gastroenterology centers/clinics/hospitals in Latvia, meet the professionals who work there, hear their “success stories” and learn about:
  • offered diagnostic and treatment options;
  • patient flow and possibilities to receive treatment;
  • cooperation possibilities;
  • etc.
  1. Coffee with Gastroenterologist occasional meetings in informal environment:
  • with doctors who have recently visited gastroenterology related international conferences/events;
  • intended to learn about their experience and share professional experience among colleagues.
  1. Patient days –we are planning to organize occasional educational gastroenterology events and activities for our society members. Our aim is to inform society about important gastroenterology related topics.
  2. Study trips abroad occasional conferences, courses, visits to gastroenterology hospitals/centers/clinics outside Latvia.
  3. Gastroenterology career day – organized once a year to inform about Gastroenterology fellowship possibilities and further job possibilities for young doctors, residents and students.

Plan for 2018/2019



  • Welcoming new members


  • Welcoming new members



  • “Visit the clinic!”


  • Guidelines seminar



  • Competition for UEG Week participation 2019


  • “Visit the clinic!”


  • Gastroenterology career day


  • Guidelines seminar


  • Closing meeting, “LJGB” anniversary celebration

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